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A 10 months old male child.
Complaints - Acute cold and cough.
While examining: Noticed eczematous eruptions over his checks which he had developed 3-4 days after birth. They had consulted pediatrician who diagnosed it as INFANTILE ECZEMA and were taking his treatment for it.

Then he developed an acute cold and cough. During my treatment, I advised them to stop allopathic treatment and ointments. Consequently the child developed eczema all over the body. His complaints were:

SKIN: Eruptions – Red esply.on scalp, extremities, back.
Violent itching < night
< winter.
Scratched until it bleeds.
Discharges – sticky, yellowish and offensive.
Crusts formed over the eruptions.

PERSONAL HISTORY: Appetite: Good. Desire – Banana+2, Curd+2, Grapes+2, Sweets+2, Salty+2, Warm Milk. Aversion – nil. Thirst: Normal. Bowel: Regular. Perspiration: Scanty+2.

MENTAL STATE: Child DESIRED to be CARRIED all the times+3. Child is very PLAYFUL+2 and cheerful but when he developed itching, he became irritable. He is very MISCHIEVOUS+2, THROWS THINGS+2; his toys etc. He LOVED BATHING+2, eating, animals. He was very much attached with his father. He doesn’t want to sit in one place. Likes to move. Likes to go out. Mixes easily with others+2. He used to laugh when anyone gets angry on him. He is very perfect in his routine work – lunch, milk etc.

OBSERVATION: Very restless+2 , touches everything in consulting room. Obese.

Mother state during pregnancy:

This was her 2nd child. She was very insecure about it whether it is her right decision to have a 2nd child or not. Fear that baby will be physically fit or not. Feels that something will happen to child. She used to weep sometimes. Her husband take good care of her. They used to stay in one room due to joint family; so she felt how will she manage to bring her 2 children.

Before history, we had given Calc-Sulph 30 on the basis of pathological and particular symptoms. Patient was improving with it.
After repertorisation, we confirmed CALC-SULPH.
Moreover Child was improving with cal-sulph 30. Hence calc- sulph 200 was given.
Gradually his eczema got better. Itching and scaling was reduced to much extent.
Till date , he has not developed any complain. His treatment has now been discontinued since 1 year.

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