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A 12 years old female child was brought to me for skin problem since last 6 years. Skin specialist diagnosed it as Psoriasis.


Skin: Psoriasis since 6 years

Location: Extremities: Upper- forearm- right with small eruption then gradually spread all over body but mainly on both the extremities.

Eruption: scaling all over body.

          < Winter; < Farinaceous food

General: weakness, Bodyache, laziness, Breathlessness on slight exertion.

Blood Examination: Hb- 10 gm.

FGO: Menses: duration- 6days, Cycle- 30 days, Flow- Copious, Dysmenorrohoea

Leucorrhoea: offensive, thick, yellow, stains clothes.

Head: Pain- forehead < reading

Can’t study more than 1 hour.

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