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A South Indian girl aged 17 yrs, consulted me on 28th Dec,1999 for following complaints:
HEAD: migraine since many years
Pain starts in left eyebrow, referring to both temples and root of the nose. Pricking type of pain.
< Touch3
< Morning3
< Reading
< Sun
>Steam inhalation
NOSE: obstruction left side. < Lying down
EYE: lids- styes recurrent tendency.

On the basis of acute totality, spigelia 200 BD for 4 days was given and she was called for history on 1st Jan,2000.


Chicken pox
Viral fever


Appetite: good
Desire: sweets2, pickle3, cold drinks3, ice cream3,fish
Aversion: milk3, bitter things
Stool: normal
Urine: normal
Perspiration: scanty
Sleep: sound, position- on abdomen2

Dreams: dreams of robbers Dreams of church, priest Dreams of seeing space ship and she can see the work going on there and then someone calls her and she goes to the space ship.


Weather- likes winter, can not bear heat Sun- can not bear Fan- desire always Bath- cold water in summer and hot water in winter.


Age of menarche- 13 yrs Menses- regular Duration- 4 to 5 days Flow- normal.


She was born in 1982, at Kerala. Her father is working in Gujarat refinery. By nature,he is very strict and reserved. Pt had fear of father during childhood. Father had never supported or appreciated in her extra activity. Her mother is a house wife. Her mother is also mild but strict about studies. As a child, pt was very playful. She always used to play with children smaller than her age group till she was in 9th std. She has one elder brother and has good rapport with him. She was quiet satisfied with her childhood.

At present, she is studying in 11th std science. She is short tempered by nature and gets angry when mother scolds her. She get tensed in any situation. She says I am happy go lucky.

She has fear of dog+2, robbers+2, ghost. While driving a vehicle, she has a fear that she will fall down3 and develop injury. She is not at all concerned regarding her things, books etc. they are kept in a massive way. Whenever any one hurt her, she never forget it and takes revenge3 and then says sorry to that person. The relation with that person will continue but she will not forget it. When someone speaks rudely, she does not bother about it. She likes wandering and adventurous novels.

She is very cheerful while giving history. She used to laugh while answering and when questioned. When she is sick or in trouble, she craves for consolation2. If someone comes for help,she will help if she is known person. She likes to play with small children. Her mother says that she is still like a small kid.


Weight age repertorisation with the help of HOMPATH CLASSIC VERSION

    Symptoms list:
  • [complete] (mind) childish behavior: (2)
  • [complete] (mind) laughing: tendency: causeless: (2)
  • [complete] (mind) consolation: amel.:
  • [complete] (mind) frivolous:
  • [complete] (mind) wander: desire to:
  • [complete] (mind) malicious, spiteful, vindictive:
  • [complete] (mind) dream adventurous:
  • [complete] (mind) fear: animals of; dogs of:
  • [complete] (mind) fear: injured of being:
  • [complete] (generalities) food and drinks: cold drinks; water desire:
  • [complete] (generalities) food and drinks: ice cream desire:
  • [complete] (generalities) food and drinks: pickles desire:
  • [complete] (generalities) food and drinks: milk aversion:
  • [complete] (sleep) position: abdomen on:
  • [complete] (eye) styes: recurrent:



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