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Malaria + Typhoid


A 6 years old girl came on 20-10-96. She had fever from last 2 days and taking crocin to subside fever. Patient came with the blood investigation done on 19th oct


ON 17.10.96.
At 9 a.m. fever started – temp: 102 °F
Taken crocin at 12 noon. After that temp came down.
Once again fever started at 7.30 p.m. –temp: 102 °F

During fever: Body ache; Desire covering, Thirst normal. Taken crocin but fever didn’t came to normal. Continuous fever 103 °F and patient was investigated and diagnosed as a case of MALARIA WITH TYPHOID.

Fever continuous, temp - 102 °F
During fever: Pain in legs; backache; Tastelessness
Thirst: feels thirsty but cannot drink
Mouth: dryness+4
Want fanning at slow speed

Perspiration scanty

App: decreased; vomiting immediately after eating. Weakness+3 Constipation+3,

On examination: Puls: 95/min. ARS ALB 200 every 4 hourly for 2 days.
ON 22.10.96
Patient call me for visit because patient has continuous fever, it was around 102°F and due to that there was severe weakness. During fever:
Mouth: taste bitter only of water; Food taste normal.
App: decreased Thirsty but aversion to drink
Lips: dry+3
Mouth: dryness+3
Desire: fan slowly
Tongue: mild coated Body ache Weakness+2
Stool: constipation+3
On Examination: Puls: 80/ min Liver and spleen palpable.


BRYONIA ALB 200 every 3 hourly for 2 days.
ON 24.10.96 & 25.10.96. Patient had no fever, felt much better.
App: Improved
Constipation: Relieved.

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