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A Case of Malaria

A boy of 15 Yrs. Old consulted me on 17th May 2000, wed. for complaint of fever. Pt. had complaint from last 3 days.
15th May : He had complaint of sever pain in both the extremities with low grade fever. Fever had subsided by its own.
16th May : No fever and no complaint.
17th May : Pt. came with following symptoms.
PRODROME: Pain in both extremities followed by chill

  • Chill started at 2.30pm
  • Chill started from extremities
  • Desired covering
  • Nausea2 with chill
  • Vomiting of food Thirst – N
  • Fever approximately 101’f at 3 pm.
  • Forehead and soles were hotter than whole body.
  • Fever with covering.
  • Vomiting and nausea was continued.
  • Headache – bursting pain
  • Thirst – desired but could not drink.

At 5pm took medicine and then he perspired and the temperature became normal.

  • Nausea was continued and he had vomited once at 7pm.
  • Vomit- liquid sour taste.
  • Headache
  • Aversion to fan
  • Thirst was decreased
  • There was pain in hands and legs.

Pt. had gone for blood investigation before consulting me because he used to get Malaria every year which was treated with allopathic treatment.


Following rubrics are taken and repertorised by Allen's Intermittent fever:
1. Prodrome, Limbs pain Nat Mur 715
2. Prodrome, chill beginning in hands and feet Eup 713
3. Nausea, chill during Ars All 69
4. Vomiting, chill during Nux vom 67
5. Headache, heat during Ipeca 57
6. Vomiting, heat during
7. Nausea, heat during
8. Apyrexia, nausea

Considering Nausea as a concomitant symptom in all three stages, we had selected Ipeca as acute remdy.

His appetite and general condition is normal. So pts. Susceptibility is moderate. So I decided to give Ipeca in moderate potency is 200 in infrequent repetition.

  • Ipeca 200(IV)
  • Rubrum 3 hourly for 2 days.

18th May : There was no fever no headache.(it was not a malaria day)
Nausea– better
Legs pain was continued
19th May : Pt. consulted me in evening with following symptoms.
PRODROME : Pain in extremities.

  • Chill stage started at 2pm Chill started from extremities
  • Headache – Pain in scalp No nausea and vomiting
  • Covering – desired slight.
  • Thirst- Less.
  • Temp – 101 ‘f
  • Headache continue Pain in extremities Chilliness Desire to covering No nausea and vomiting
  • Thirst – less
  • Legs – Pain
  • Perspiration – scanty Headache
  • Legs pain Headache Desires fan Feels hot
  • Appetite – slight decreased
  • Pulse – 70/min.

RX : 1. Ipeca 1 M (III)
2. Rubrum 3 hourly for 2 days.
20th May : No fever and no complaint
21st May : No fever (it was a malarial day)
22nd May : No fever
23 rd May : No fever (it was again a malarial day)
RX : 1. Malaria off 200 (I)
It was given on base of relapsing chronic Malaria.

DESIRE – fruits3, lemon3, curd3, salads3, pulses3, milk3, Bread2, butter3.
AVERSION – Green Vegetables2,ghee3,ice cream2, Chocolate3
STOOL – constipation3-passes balls3 straining3, unsatisfactory
URINE – normal
PERSPIRATION – profuse3, esp.on eating white nose3, lips.
SLEEP – sleeps on abdomen,sound
DREAMS – dreams of music3
Dreams of stage,program,regarding carrer3.

PAST HISTORY : Tonsillitis, Epilepsy, Jaundice, Malaria, Chicken pox, Recurrent boils,# Rt ankle, Head injury

FAMILY HISTORY : Mo - Migraine, Hypertension, Asthma. Fa - Healthy Sis - Chronic throat infection


He was born in 1977 in Baroda. He was brought up in a middle class family. His father is food inspector in Government. Father is very strict, very punctual, very particular, short tempered, mixing nature. His father is also dictatorial and obstinate. Father used to strike him a lot. Because of that pt. Has developed tremendous fear of father. Father is also very helping and social. Pt.’s mother is very mild and mixing. But she also used to strike on him when pt. Did any mischief. As a child pt. Was very mischievous, restless and very obstinate. He easily got offended at small matters and used to weep. Because of parents strictness and restriction he used to have thoughts of suicide and run away. Once he had run away from house also. AT school level he was good in studies and always got 70%

He passed in S.S.C. with 75%. But instead of his preparation, he failed in H.S.C. Then he did BSC chemistry from Dabhoi. Then he joined music college and a present he is a professional singer. At present by nature, he is very cheerful. He likes to make jokes and make fun of everybody. Pt. Says that he is very moody. Sometimes he is very cheerful and sometimes quiet. He is very impulsive and likes to spend money for his luxurious items like clothes, watches etc. Once he had purchased a watch by his own money. He phoned his friend at 6am and called him to see the watch and said “see this watch. I have bought it from my first salary.” Whenever he becomes sick or have minor complaint he becomes very panic and very anxious and lose his confidence very easily. He desires consolation whenever he becomes sick. His hobbies is singing and gardening. He is very ambitious regarding his profession of singing especially for money and fame. He wants to come up in life very early. So he speaks lie very oftenly to fulfil his own purpose.

He is over confidence about his own abilities and thinks that he is different from others. He always sees in mirror after dressing and feels that he is something great. E admits that because of his such nature, he does not have any close friend. He never think about the past events. Always thinks about future and about his career. He is very anxious for his health. Whenever he has any minor problems about his throat, he feels to leave the profession of singing. Whenever he wants any work to be done by someone, he appreciates that person like anything and gets his work done. He always wants best things in his life like clothes, shoes etc. He is hurried in all his activities. He is very careless regarding his things. The greatest grief in his life is having recurrent throat infection.

Considering the pt. As a whole, following rubrics were considered.

1. Heedless VERAT 917
2. Mood changeable PULS 914
3. Liar MERC714
4. Squander money easily LYC513
5. Consolation amel BELL 712
7. Desire - fruits PHOS 7 11
8. Desire - salad ARS 7 10
9. Desire - bread + butter ALUM 610
10.Aversion - vegetables
11.Desire - lemon
12.Perspiration - profuse

According to his life situation and totality veratrum Alb was selected. Verat Alb 200 was given and potency was gradually increased to 10M with gradual improvement in his physical and mental complaints. In between few acute attacks came which were treated with acute remedies. The best part is that pt. Is having mental sense of well being which is reflected in his professional efficiency. Recently he took part in T.V.S. Saregama without having any anxiety for his voice and he won the competition.

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