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A Secound Case of Impetigo

On a fine summer morning a 1 year old male child was brought to my consulting room with the following complaints:

Face: complaint started since 4 days.

Eruption: Vesicular – over forehead & around eye. New eruptions appear after the old one dried up. There was thick crust formation left behind. Oozing of watery discharge from the crusts. Intolerable itching so much that the child almost scratched the part. Itching < night. Painful eruption

On the basis of following totality of symptoms MEDICINE was selected.
Eruptions: crusty.
Eruptions: discharging moist.
Eruptions: pustule.
Itching < night.

Very closed remedies are Mezereum & Viola-Tricolor in this case.
The only difference between the two remedies is that
The discharges smells horribly offensive in Viola-Tricolor whereas in Mezereum no offensive discharges.


So Mezerium 2oo was given. Within 2 days the eruptions started disappearing. No new eruptions appeared now. The itching was also reduced. Within 4 days he was completely free from it.

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