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A Case of Eczema

Before Treatment

After Treatment

A male patient of about 50 years of age came with eczematous eruptions all over the body since about 1 ½ - 2 years.

Discharge- sticky & watery.

Eczema < bathing+3

> scratching

It starts with itching followed by body discharge and then scaling of the skin occurs.


Diabetes mellitus in both the parents

 Personal History

App- normal

Desire- sour+3, spicy food+2

Aversion- sweet+2

Thirst- normal

Perspiration- profuse

Thermal state- Hot+3


After first consultation, the case was studied in detail and patient was prescribed proper medication. There is no improvement in the condition.

Itching was still there with oozing of thin watery discharge. We changed the medicine.

 There was marked improvement from the 1st dose itself.

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