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Chief Complaints: Female sexual organs: Menses :- cycle of 6 days / every 15 days / heavy bleeding. Dark reddish discharge. < physical exertion. No clots. Concomitant: Headache.

Rectum : Evacuation alternate day. Unsatisfactory stool. General : Hypertension – taking Tab. Amlopin 2.5mg 1 OD.

Past History : Not significant of major illness.

Personal History :
Appetite: Normal
Desire: Sweets 3, fried food 3
Aversion: Cold Drinks3, Ice Cream2, Sour2, Pickles2.
Thirst: Less.10 – 12 glasses/day
Digestion: Normal
Stools: Unsatisfactory.
Urine: Normal
Perspiration: Profuse, esp. on Face; offensive.
Sleep: Sleepiness. Has to sleep in afternoon.

As a child she was very cheerful, always in light mood, and was intensely talkative. She was known to be frivolous hid of family.

Educational wise she was good and completed her B.A. in 1978; M.A in sociology. During her studies of M.A she got married (arranged). After marriage she lives with her husband and kids in Baroda.

Present State Of Mind: She is JOLLY by nature; is MILD and hardly gets angry3. Anxiety about children and household activities. Prefers to be in company most of the time as she is TALKATIVE and CHEERFUL. She is home lover and doesn’t prefer to go out frequently.

Wants everything to be in its place and gets irritated if founds them scattered here and there; will rest only when things are properly organized and in their right places.

When cheated; gets hatredness for that person. Does not believe in taking revenge; leaves it to God’s court. But deep down in her heart feels that something bad should happen to that person. She can’t put trust easily.

Her memory is sharp and can recollect all past events very well. Good in taking DECISION and wants things to go as per her wish only. If someone speaks harshly she rebels and will never tolerate her self respect being hurted. She is EGOISTIC

Can speak in presence of known person esp. ladies; not in front of males.
Believes in God but doesn’t go to temple for worshipping.
Hobbies are music, watching T.V. Likes hearing music when gets disturbed.

After repertorisation and bases on material medica knowledge,
I prescribed Lachesis 200;
2 doses for 15 days.
On 2nd visit constipation was better, pain; cramping in legs < bandage.
So I gave Mag Phos 6x BD and placebo for 15 days.
3rd visit- menses for 2 days / 30 days / moderate.
So I gave placebo for 15 days.

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